2008 Annual Meeting

2008 7

Joe Kimble and Justice Scalia (holding Joe’s book Lifting the Fog of Legalese.)

2008 5

Justice Scalia accepting the Scribes Lifetime-Achievement Award from President Stuart Shiffman and Bryan Garner.

2008 6

Justice Scalia delivering his remarks.

2008 16

Erin Culbertson, co-winner of the Brief-Writing Award, accepting the award from committee chair Kenneth Gartner.

2008 15

Bryan Garner and Justice Scalia signing their book, Making Your Case, for Zascha Blanco Abbott.

2008 14

Scribes President Stuart Shiffman welcoming members and guests.

2008 13

Michael Hyman (center) with the winners of the Book Award, Natalie Hull and Peter Hoffer.

2008 12

Gretchen DeSutter and John Wierzbicki from Thomson West, and past president of Scribes Otto Stockmeyer.

2008 11

Dean Darby Dickerson and Nicole Mariani, president of Stetson’s Student Bar Association.

2008 10

Erin Culbertson, of George Washington University Law School, co-winner of the Scribes Brief-Writing Award.

2008 9

Peter Hoffer (co-winner of the Book Award) presenting his new book, The Supreme Court: An Essential History, to Justice Scalia.

2008 8

Scribes’ Lifetime Achievement award presented to Justice Scalia.

2008 4

Bryan Garner and Justice Scalia, coauthors of Making Your Case: the Art of Persuading Judges.

2008 3

Michael Hyman and Justice Antonin Scalia.

2008 2

Past President Gary Spivey, Charles Dewey Cole, Dan Dillon, and Kenneth Gartner.

2008 1

Front row (L to R): Bryan Garner, Justice Antonin Scalia, Joe Kimble, and Natalie Hull. Back row (L to R): Steven Smith, Merle Shiffman, Stuart Shiffman, Roger D. Townsend, Erin Culbertson, Michael Hyman, and Peter Hoffer.

Scribes Board Member Bryan Garner

Introduces Justice Antonin Scalia

Justice Antonin Scalia's Remarks to Scribes, Part One

Justice Antonin Scalia's Remarks to Scribes, Part Two