Volume 17

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From the Editor                                                                                                 v


       The Hon. Joan L. Larsen, Lessons from Justice Scalia                           1


     George D. Gopen                  Understanding Your Prewriting

                                                     Process and Freeing Yourself

                                                     from Guilt                                                      5

     Mark Sableman                   Typographic Legibility:

                                                    Delivering Your Message

                                                    Effectively                                                       9

     Jill Barton                             Supreme Court Splits . . . on

                                                    Grammar and Writing Style                      33

     Adam L. Rosman                 Happy Warriors Against Herein:

                                                    Ten Rules for Creating Better

                                                    Legal Documents                                         47

     Kathleen Elliott Vinson      Writing Lockdowns: A Path to

                                                     Mindful Writing                                         69

     Mark Cohen                          How to Draft a Bad Contract                    79


     Brian C. Potts                        Empty Shalls                                               99

Book Notice    

     Raymond P. Ward                Legal Writing, All Business                       103


Notes on Contributors                                                                                   105        


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