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The John Marshall Law School is the generous host of Scribes. Thank you!


"Using plain language can save businesses and government agencies a ton of money."


—Joseph Kimble, author of Writing for Dollars, Writing to Please.

2019 CLE in Washington D.C.

We held our 2019 CLE on Friday, April 12 in Washington D.C. at the Law Library of Congress. Find the full program here.

The event featured an overview of the Law Library by Barbara Bavis, a roundtable discussion with former solicitors general and members of the Supreme Court bar, and remarks from Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, who received this year’s Scribes Lifetime Achievement Award. We also presented the winners of this year’s Scribes Brief, Book, and Law Review Award.

Scribes Student Legal Writing Society at Texas Tech

Scribes at LWI

Scribes Co-Sponsored the Second Annual CLE in the City in Conjunction with the ABA on

August 2

Chicago law firms and top area law schools opened their doors for a CLE sessions in 8 tracks, including legal writing & persuasion, cybersecurity, family law, privacy & security, and more.

Participants earned up to 3.0 credits including 3.0 ethics credits in 60 minute jurisdictions or 3.6 credits including 3.6 ethics credits in 50 minute jurisdictions. Tickets were $35 per session.

Contact scribeslegalwriters@gmail.com with any questions.

Nominations for the 2019-2020

Law Review Award Are Open

Law journals may submit one student-authored comment or note for consideration in this year's law review competition.

To receive an entry form, contact Philip Johnson at scribeslegalwriters@gmail.com.

Scribes Welcomes a New Student Chapter

We are pleased to announce that  students at WMU Cooley Law School started a Scribes student chapter in spring 2019 under the sponsorship of Professor Mark Cooney.

WMU Cooley joins the John Marshall Law School and Texas Tech University School of Law as the third school with a Scribes student chapter. These groups encourage strong legal writing in law school work and assist students with publishing their work before they graduate.

2019 Award Winners

We're pleased to announce the winners of our 2019 Brief, Law Review, and Book Award.

First place in the Brief Award went to Caitlin Messinger and Keriann Smith of Florida State University College of Law.

Joe DeMott of Stanford Law School won our Law-Review Awardfor his note, Rethinking Ashe v. Swenson from an Orginialist Perspective.

The winner of our Book Award is We the Corporations by Adam Winkler.

For runners up and previous winners, please see the respective award pages. Congratulations to all of our winners!