Scribes Strategic Plan
April 2016 

Strategic Priority 1: Scribes will continue to promote quality modern legal writing. 

  • Scribes will continue to publish a high-quality journal and newsletter. 
  • Scribes will continue to sponsor awards related to high-quality legal writing. In addition to awards related to outstanding legal writing, Scribes will explore creating a contest for rewriting “bad” legal writing. 
  • Scribes will explore creating a “National Legal Writing Week” in conjunction with the American Bar Association. 
  • Scribes will continue to sponsor the National Orders of Scribes for outstanding law students. 
  • Scribes will develop, distribute, and update guides, standards, and advice regarding quality legal writing. 
  • Scribes will produce a “Best of the Scribes Journal” book. 
  • Scribes will seek strategic relationships with other organizations that share the Scribes mission. 

Strategic Priority 2: Scribes strives to be the largest, most influential legal-writing organization in the United States. 

  • Scribes will reach 800 individual members by 2017. 
  • Scribes will reach 80 institutional members by 2017. 
  • Scribes will review and consider expanding its membership categories keeping in mind its intended audience of law firms, the judiciary, and law schools; the review will encompass a consideration of dues and benefits associated with each category. 
  • Scribes will survey members to determine what benefits and services they value. 
  • Scribes will actively explore membership outreach and promotional opportunities. 

Strategic Priority 3: Scribes will use the most effective means to promote the organization, the organization’s work, and quality legal writing. 

  • Scribes will maintain a website that offers members information about the organization and high-quality legal writing. 
  • Scribes will use social media to help achieve this priority. 
  • Scribes will feature, on its website and in its publication, the work and advice of outstanding legal writers. 
  • Scribes will provide meaningful service opportunities for its members.