CLE/Annual Meeting
John Browning (Co-chair) 
Ross Guberman (Co-chair)

Timothy Hassinger
Philip Johnson

Law-Review Award
Brooke Bowman (Chair)

Mary Bowman
Steven Feldman
Richard Leiter
Mark E. Wojcik


Susan Duncan (Chair)

Darby Dickerson

Joe Kimble

Stuart Shiffman

Steven R. Smith

Lifetime-Achievement Award

Mark Wojcik (Chair)

Joe Kimble

Hon. Mark Painter 

Hon. Lee Rosenthal 

Stuart Shiffman

Book Award

Hon. Michael Hyman (Chair)

Bryan Garner

Yoshinori H. T. Himel

Brian Melendez

Stuart Shiffman

Brief-Writing Award

Hon. Kenneth Gartner (Chair)

Andrew Bender

Beth Cohen 

Charles Dewey Cole

Stephen Fink 

Susan Joffe

Robert Markle

Gail Mullins

Mary Rose Strubbe

Membership and Outreach

Hon. Kem Thompson Frost (Chair)

Brian Hooper

Joe Kimble

Hon. Mark Painter 

Mary Massaron

Tom Segalla

Gary Spivey

Website & Social Media

Brad Charles (Co-chair)

Hon. Gerald Lebovits (Co-chair)

Financial Investment

Jamie Baker (Chair)

Law Review Training

Darby Dickerson (Chair)

The Scrivener

Mark Wojcik (Chair)

Maureen Kordesh (Editor)

Joe Kimble

Alex MacDonald

Hon. Mark Painter

Herbert Weiss

Scribes Journal 

Mark Cooney (Chair)

Joe Kimble (Co-chair)

Terry Dwyer

Bryan Garner

Ned Minevitz

Anthony Moreno

Raymond P. Ward

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